New Mammogram Technology for Breast Cancer Screening

Our mission is to help you fight breast cancer. We are pleased to announce the addition of our new 3D Mammography services. This latest innovative technology for breast cancer screening improves the detection rate for finding breast cancer.  More accuracy means early detection and lower anxiety for you.

What is Breast Tomosynthesis?

A 3D mammogram, also known as breast tomosynthesis, is an FDA approved type of mammogram that has the ability to display the breast tissue as a 3D image instead of 2D. It is a digital mammogram that has been slowly introduced as an additional test to the standard mammogram. The additional level of radiation when getting a 2D and 3D screening is minimal and no risk to patients has been proven.

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Benefits of Getting a 3D Mammogram

  • The 3D view is reconstructed by a computer from images that are taken from multiple angles. There are many benefits of 3D mammography including:
  • The 3D view allows the doctor to examine one section of breast tissue at a time to see it in more detail.
  • The differences in normal and abnormal tissue are more easily noticed which can result in fewer false positive exams.
  • Fewer follow-up procedures and repeat images may be needed.

During the Mammogram

Getting a 3D mammogram is similar to a standard 2D mammogram, and both exams will usually be done at the same time. You cannot wear clothing, jewelry, or deodorant above the waist during the x-ray. The radiology technician will place your breast between 2 plastic plates and you will be asked to hold still while the x-ray is taken. Compression of the breasts is necessary to even out the tissue and hold the breast still in order to get a clear picture. It will only take about 10 seconds and two x-rays of each breast are taken.

For most women, regular screening for breast cancer usually starts at the age of 40 and is recommended every 2 years. Talk with your doctor about the age and frequency you should be screened for breast cancer.

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You deserve a better mammogram.

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